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If you like eating out you are going to love Haikou for both the variety and affordability. You could select dishes on the photo menus for months and never eat the same dish twice. 


There is not really any tipping in Haikou, (I have never seen it) but if you want to leave a tip on the table after your meal it will be appreciated.


Helpful phrases:

fu wu yuan (fuh woo yoo-en) waitress
ping shui (ping shu-way) bottle water
pi jiu (pee jee-you) beer
ye zi zhi (yeh zuh zhih) coconut juice
cha (cha) tea
re shui (zhe shu-way) hot water
yi ping (yee ping) one bottle
liang ping (lee-ahng ping) two bottles
zhi (zhih) napkin
xi zao jian (shee zhao jee-an) bathroom 
ce suo (tseh suwoa) bathroom (toilet)
la (lah) spicy
bu la (boo lah) not spicy
jie zhang (jee-ay zhahng) to settle payment
mai dan (my dahn) pay the bill

The most common thing you will say or hear in a restaurant is "fu wu yuan". Most restraunts will have bottled water. If you are going to a cafe or regular restaurant, it is OK to bring a bottle of water in. If a restaurant does not have bottle water and you don't drink tea, they always have hot water, so just ask for "re shui". You can also order beer "pi jiu" or coconut juice "ye zi zhe", which is very good. Many restaurants have canned and bottled beverages visible in a stand up cooler, worse case scenario you can point to what you want.

When you need to go to the restroom it is polite to say "xi zao jian" which means washroom, if they do not understand you, rub your hands together and repeat "xi zao jian", they almost ways understand, but if they still do not, tell them "ce suo" which means toilet and they will certainly know what you mean.

Paper is not used as freely in China as it is in the US, many cafes will not have napkins on the table. When the waitress arrives rub your fingers together and say "zhi" or "wo yao zhi". 

If you do not like spicy food a very common expression you should be using is "la bu la?", which means "Is it spicy or not?" They will usually give you one of four answers. 1- They will nod their head and say la. 2- They will say "yi dian la", which means a little spicy. 3- They will shake their head and say bu la. 4- They will say something like "ke yi bu la", which means they can make it to order, not spicy. 

If the fu wu yuan is saying more than you understand, just tell them "wo yao bu la" and they will be sure not to give you a spicy dish.

When you are ready to pay, call over the fu wu yuan and say "mai dan". 

Cafes  (Meal for two: 20-50y) 

There are hundreds of small restaurants all over Haikou, too many to list on a map because they are everywhere. If you see a hostess out front, many customers inside and photos of the food either on the wall or a mock menu out front, then you should have pretty good luck.


Western Food Chains

There are several familiar restaurants like KFC, McDonalds and Pizza Hut. The Pizza Hut menus have pictures and every KFC and McDonalds has a single page menu with pictures that the employee will put on the counter as soon as they see you walk in. Please see the map at the bottom of the page for locations.


Fine Dining  (Meal for two: 30-80y)

There are hundreds of fine dining restaurants in Haikou with pictures on their menus, private rooms for easy conversation, and wait staff familiar with foreign patrons for easy ordering. A few are listed below. Please see the map at the bottom of the page for locations.

Chinese/Western restaurants make an effort to sell western style cuisine like steaks, shakes, burgers, french toast, ice cream, cappuccino, western beer, wine, etc. They also have many excellent Chinese dishes.

Traditional Chinese restaurants do not have many western choices but they offer familiar selections of dumplings, egg rolls, fried rice, noodles, etc. 





Million Dollar Cafe

A western style restaurant with both Chinese and western food. They have items like spaghetti, french toast, and chicken strips plus a lot of fancy drinks, deserts and shakes. You will notice the employee out front in the hat who is there to watch your bike or diandongche. Most nice restaurants have this service free of charge.

Haidiandao . .
Haikou . .
Guomao . .


Ka Fei Shi Jian Xi Can Ting

An excellent restaurant with a western fine dining theme. They have one of the largest selections of nice steaks and porkchops, along with spaghetti, french toast, fancy drinks, coffee, cappuccino, and deserts.

Guomao . .


Sweet River Coffee Bar and English Club

A western style restaurant near campus with a good selection of steaks.

4 Haidian Lu . .




Han Jiang Ting (Meal for Two 50-150y)

A very good Korean restaurant on Reniming Dadao next door to the Million Dollar Cafe. The prices are slightly higher than the other restaurants but the food and serivce is excellent.

Reniming Dadao . .


Traditional Chinese 


Yi Jia Yi Jiao Zi

An extremely popular restaurant conveniently located on Renming Dadao not far from campus. They are more of a traditional Chinese restaurant but their prices and food are excellent. Two people can order a couple of dishes from 40-60y and be quite satisfied or order three dishes and have more food than you really need. It is an extremely clean restaurant and they also have locations in Guomao and Sanya.

Haidiandao . .
Guomao . .



Zhong Xing Lou Fan Dian

This is one of the more popular restaurants among the locals on Haidiandao. In the morning they have breakfast and they are somewhat famous for their Peking duck which is excellent.

4 Haidian Lu . .



Xi Yu Can Ting

Another popular restaurant with the locals on Haidiandao that is always busy. 

Heping Dadao . .


Shi Wei Guan

It is one of the many restaurants in China that have a large soup pot in the center of the table where you cook and serve your own items. They also have many other traditional dishes. If you order their noodles one of the cooks will come out and make them in front of you starting with a piece of dough and gradually stretching it into fine noodles.

Guomao Lu . .



There are other chain restaurants like KFC and McDonalds we did not list because there are so many.

Million Dollar Cafe Haidiandao
Million Dollar Cafe Haikou
Million Dollar Cafe Guomao
Ka Fei Shi Jian Xi Can Ting
Sweet River English Club
Yi Jia Yi Jiao Zi Haidiandao
Yi Jia Yi Jiao Zi Guomao
Zhong Xing Lou Fan Dian
Shi Wei Guan
Pizza Hut Mingzhu
McDonalds Jiefang Mall
McDonalds Carrefour Haikou
McDonalds Longhua Lu
McDonalds Guomao
KFC Haidiandao
KFC Mingzhu
KFC Carrefour Haikou
KFC Datong Lu
KFC Dayunfa Guomao
KFC Guomao Square
KFC Carrefour Guomao
Heping Dadao
Korean Restaurant



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