Dean and Founder

Mr. Wang Wei, has an MBA from University of Leicester in the U.K

Our School

The Haikou Premier School of Chinese and Foreign Languages is located in Haikou city, the capital of Hainan Island which is famous for its white sand beaches, pristine blue waters and green rainforest highlands, and the infinite colors and characteristics of China's tropical area. The facilities of the villa offer are very unique, beautiful and excellent environment for study. The school is located in a secluded garden villa, and the classrooms, study rooms and offices are all air-conditioned. The school boasts state of the art teaching equipment including multimedia computers with high speed broad band internet connections, TVs, and DVD players. In addition to plush accommodations and high-tech equipment, the school also has a dedicated staff with vast experience and knowledge in the area of language study.

On the northern tip of Haikou is a small island named Haidian Island. The area is known for the many restaurants, shopping, convenient bus routes & is the home of Hainan University. The Haikou Premier School of Chinese & Foreign Language is a short walk from all of these as well as miles of undeveloped coastline. Haikou city proper is minutes away by bus, bike or only a 20 minute walk. The famous resort town of Sanya with miles of beaches for swimming, beachcombing or just relaxing is only a few hours bus ride away. And the beautiful mountains of Hainan with the crystal clear air & numerous natural hot springs are right outside of the city.

Our teachers are all professional and capable of testing an individual's language proficiency and willing to solve problems for the students in the school. Besides hosting language study, the school also provides personalized courses tailor made for the individual's needs. We offer many English courses from elementary to advanced. Specialized courses are also offered, which include: English teacher training, English test preparation, Chinese & English secretarial training, tourism, and business English. Other languages include German, French, Japanese, Korean, and Thai etc. We also provide foreign language translation and interpretation, and foreign language tour guides. Moreover, due to our close cooperative relationships with many schools overseas, we can give valuable and practical guidance to students who want to study abroad.

The strength and structure of our courses begin with lessons planned and managed by language experts, small individualized classes, and practical lesson plans. We also provide the services of transportation, food, and lodging. By living at the school, students can rapidly improve their English by communicating with Chinese &foreign teachers day-to- day life. In addition, our school has an English Club. The members of the club can freely surf the worldwide web, read books from our vast selection of literature, watch foreign films form our multimedia library, and take part in a lot of interesting activities. We frequently organize field trips and excursions for those interested. Our credo is getting knowledge from happiness and practicing knowledge gained in real life.

In our opinion:
1.Time is precious, so the courses here are well arranged very thorough.
2.Every student is an individual, so our teaching is consistent with the character of every student.
3.The goal of learning a language is not what you have leamed, but what you can use in practice.
4.Learning is a process of mutual cooperation between teachers and students.
5.We set up the courses according to the needs and interests and students.
6.It is our pleasure to supply more than you expect.
7.Our goal is to improve students' practical ability of using language, especially listening and speaking skills.

You are welcome to join our world, let us share the happiness of improving together!

A Note From One Of Our Students

I have been very pleased with the training at HNPLS and the accommodations. The teachers are very friendly and willing to work with whatever schedule or requests I make. My teacher had a general guideline to follow based on my request for basic conversation, making purchases, etc., but when I asked to focus on certain aspects for an extra day or two she was very happy to accommodate me. 

Most importantly is the excellent service provided by Dean Wang who went out of his way to take care of everything I needed. Before I arrived or gave a deposit he had set up an apartment for me near the school because I preferred to live off campus. When I first arrived he picked me up from the airport at 11:30pm despite a 3 hour weather delay in Shanghai. After 24 hours of travel it was good to see Mr. Wang was there waiting for me. 

When I reached the apartment everything was ready including satellite TV with 40 English channels. On the first morning before I had time to purchase a cell phone Mr. Wang gave me a phone card so I could call back to the US to tell everyone I had arrived safely. Mr. Wang helped me set up the internet by calling China Telecom and making all of the arrangements and he offered to let me use the internet on campus until installation was complete. When I burned up my wireless router Mr. Wang came right over with his technician and installed a new one. If I had any question about the apartment Mr. Wang came right over to help. About a week later my internet was running slow and again he came right over within twenty minutes with his technician and fixed the problem, after which he invited me to lunch.

Greg Bolen
Islamorada, Florida

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