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There are so many things to see and do in Haikou that are very inexpensive even when compared to other cities in China. Despite the excellent year round weather and many travel opportunities, the cost of living in Haikou is extremely affordable. 


Badminton or da yu mao qiu is one of the most popular sports in China and you can find people playing everywhere there is an open space in the mornings and evenings. If you want a traditional badminton court there is one on Haidiandao not far from campus. It is in the apartment complex called Yin gu yuan. The fee is 20y for one hour, but if you are staying in Haikou for a while, you can buy a card with 20 hours for 250y.

When you first arrive out front, walk up the steps, go towards the back and then you will see the walkway. Go to the top of the walkway and you will see the office. The courts are on the lower level down the stairs.

If you need to purchase badminton gear, the sixth picture is of the xiaomaibu on the corner of 3 Haidian Lu and Heping Dadao. The store is at the bottom of the corner building of Yinguyuan about 50 meters from the entrance pics 1 and 2.

The seventh pic is of a pair of rackets, clear case and a small pack of birdies all for only 18y or less than $3 US. There are more expensive rackets for 30-50y and just to the left of the rackets you will see tubes of birdies which are also very inexpensive.


Yin Gu Yuan . .



There are several movie theatres in Haikou. The movies are in putonghua with Zhongwen subtitles, but you should try it on a busy night when there are lots of people. The audience involvement is pretty entertaining. Selecting a movie with less dialogue such as an action or a comedy is also best, leave the dramas for DVD's with English subtitles.


The newest and largest theatre in Haikou. Once inside you would think you were in a cineplex back home.

If you look behind Carrefour you will see the theatre. Go to the elevator and take it to the third floor.


China Film South Movie City .

Haixiu Lu

A smaller theatre with a few screens but in a more convenient location. It is a short walk down from Mingzhu, there is also a bus stop directly across the street if coming from Mingzhu.


Haixiu Lu Theatre .

Lao Haikou

The smallest and least expensive of the three theatres with two screens and "local" snacks at the concession stand.



Stage Shows

There are two clubs in Haikou that put on stage shows almost every night of the week. The shows start around 9pm and end around 11:30pm. On busy nights like Friday and Saturday you may want to show up as early as 8:30pm to get a good table. The shows are like a small concert with various acts like acrobatics mixed in. They are big on crowd participation and are extremely fun in either a group or as a couple. The "cover charge" is a purchase of drinks at a set price ranging from 80-130y per couple. There are also rooms that ring the stage if you have a larger party.

Hao Bai Nian

Hao Bai Nian means "100 Good Years" and caters to a slightly older crowd, many families bring their children. It is located on Longhua Lu in Guomao and you can get there by taking bus 24 or 36. The ride takes about 25 minutes. Because the show ends fairly late you need to plan on taking a cab to get home, but the cost is only about 20y.

The main room holds about 300 people and you need to purchase drinks for about 80y. If you want beer they will bring you 4 or 6 bottles.


SOS Club

SOS Club stands for "Shows On Stage" and has a slightly younger crowd. It is located on Longkun Lu in Guomao. The main room holds about 300 people and you need to purchase drinks for about 130y, that is their "cover charge". 

You can get to the SOS club by bus two different ways. The red dots are the bus stops. First, you can take bus 26 to Longkun Lu (purple route), then walk one block back up to SOS. Or you can take bus 18 to Guomao Lu (blue route), then at the same stop catch bus 8 (green route) which drops you off almost at the front door. Either option takes about 20 minutes from Haidiandao. Because the show ends fairly late you need to plan on taking a cab to get home, the cost is only about 20y.



SOS Club .


Bars and Clubs

66 Club

It is one of the busier clubs in Haikou. You will find a lot of young professionals and a few foreigners listening to music.

Pretty Girl Club

They have live music on a small stage several days of the week, there are many places to lounge, a bar, and pool tables upstairs.

A few other bars are listed as well.


66 Club Pretty Girl Club Red Kiss Bar
M Club Royal Cruise Club .


There are many parks in Haikou and they are all very safe and popular, especially in the mornings and evenings. All parks have public restrooms.

Bai Sa Men Park

It is up at the end of Renming Dadao. In the mornings and evenings hundreds of people gather to dance, exercise and socialize in the large area near the front gates.

There is a permanent amusement park with some rides and they are building quite a bit of new pavillions down by the beach. In the summer they film local contestants competing in obstacle course races popular throughout Asia which you can watch on television later in the week.


Front Entrance . .
. . .

Wan Lu Park

It is the largest park in Haikou where many people go and most of the festivals are held. During the Lantern Festival they have a huge fireworks display.

There is also a small amusement section with carnival type games, you can rent bikes or scooters, there are professional cameramen willing to take your picture. It is a very popular park whenever anything is hapenning in Haikou.


Front Entrance . .

Haikou Park

Haikou park is very popular on a daily basis. It is common to find hundreds if not over a thousand people in the park dancing, exercising, practicing tai chi, martial arts, playing badminton in any available open space. 


Front Entrance . .
. . Lao Haikou Entrance


CDs and DVDs

There are several stores that carry English speaking CDs and Movies. The DVD stores are used to foreigners coming in and asking for English movies, they will usually direct you to them when you walk in.

CDs start at 8y and DVDs start at 10y. You will find some stores with a rack of specialty items like legitimate BlueRay Discs, these can be much more expensive 50-90y, but you can almost always find the same movies in the regular stacks. There are many places in Haikou to buy CDs and DVDs but these usually have the largest collection of foreign choices.

1- Most convenient, 2 Haidian Lu, all DVDs 10y.
2- Mingzhu, there is a DVD store on the 1st floor to the left of the main entrance.
3 & 4 - Guomao, 2 stores side by side and they carry the most new movies.


2 Haidian Lu Mingzhu 1st Floor Guomao DVD Store on Left
Guomao DVD Store on Right . .


One thing you should take advantage of while in China is the extremely affordable massage services. In the US a good massage can cost from $60-90 per hour, but in China it is about $4. After a long day walking it is relaxing to get a good foot massage for an hour.

The most convenient massage is an zu di. They not only massage your feet, but also your arms, legs and shoulders. You get the massage sitting in a chair.

We have listed three of the best foot massage businesses in Haikou. They are all very reputable. It is common to see couples and entire families with small children.

There are a few common phrases that will be helpful.

an mo (ahn moe) massage
an zu di (ahn zhoo dee) foot massage
an tou (ahn toe) scalp massage
qing jin (cheeng jeen) please come in
qing lai (cheeng lie) please come in
qing yi dian (cheeng ee dee-an) massage lightly
zhong yi dian (zhong ee dee-an) massage stronger
fan guo lai (fahn gu-oh lie) turn back over
an bei (ahn bay) back massage
tou teng (toe tong) headache


Happy World Foot Care Hall on Heping Da Dao .


Happy World Foot Care Hall on 3 Haidian Lu .


Jia He Yuan Foot Health Center in Guomao .



Ying Gu Yuan
China Film South
Haixiu Lu Theatre
Lao Haikou Theatre
Hao Bai Nian
SOS Club
66 Club
Pretty Girl Club
Red Kiss Bar
M Club
Royal Cruise Club
Bai Sa Men Park
Wan Lu Park
Haikou Park
DVD Store Haidian Dao
DVD Store Mingzhu
DVD Store1 Guomao
DVD Store2 Guomao
Happy World Foot Care Hall
Happy World Foot Care Hall
Jia He Yuan Foot Health Center


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